Sunday, March 20, 2011

North Face for the Fourth Time

My favourite race is coming up soon. 8 weeks away.

The North Face 100k in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

I'm excited and terrified. I'm not ready, with a busted foot, and a head space that can barely deal with the day to day things, let alone decent training.

I've only been doing long walks, but enjoying them. I've taken my friend out on a few. She's training for the Kokoda challenge on the Gold Coast in July. She wants me to join her team. I think I will.

Last weekend was 40k on the Kokoda track, walking time just over 9hours. So at that rate I should be able to finish TNF100 in the 28hrs allowed.

I have finished all 3 other TNF100's and want to keep going and try to always do this race, every year... so even if I have to walk all of it, I'll be there.

My favourite event. Can't wait!

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