Monday, April 25, 2011

Hellfire Pass

Wow, Kokoda Trail 2011 is going to be amazing!

A nice long trail run out on the Kokoda Challenge Trail in the Gold Coast Hinterland with the 4 team members and an extra. We started at 3.30am to get in a few hours of night training.

I had worked a full day shift, then a full night shift, then a drive and now a long run. We had planned for 40k and I was already tired!

Night running is the best, my favourite bit of any event. We started at Check point 8, following the road up a hill before heading off into the bush, right up the side of a huge hill. A couple of our group were learning how to use their headlamps and after a few stops to make sure everyone could see.... carrying spare batteries is a lesson best learned here :)

The trails were spectacular, lots of single technical stuff and some open fire trail thrown in. We quickly came to Syd Duncan Park (CP10) and a most gorgeous sunrise. After only a short stop here we moved on. It was already cold... how freezing will this point be in July??

Up the road a bit and then a sign "Hellfire Pass" and the steepest downhill I've seen for a long time! Not wrongly signed... What a great trail.

The last section was the worst. I got so tired I was ready to nap on the track, but a sneaky double espresso in a can (latest find in my arsenal of legitimate trail snacks) and I was ready for the last section!

We had a lot of fun, learned a bit about ourselves and trail running. Looking forward to TNF100 in just a few weeks time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Running on Empty - But Feeling Great

Well it's 3am on Sunday morning. I have worked 4 days shifts and 5 night shifts since Monday. I am officially shattered. I've also run 4 times this week. Twice doing hill repeats and the other times just around the local streets. I'm due to meet a friend at 7am for another run. I hope that this can all balance out somehow, as squeezing running in between shifts of work makes for tired, slow running (more slow than normal) Pleased to say though, that all this activity has seen the kg's dropping off me. I should be able to hit TNF 100k the lightest I've been in about 4 years, making for easier movement all round. Being active is what makes me happy. Although I'm rushing from place to place, I get more done this way. The house is clean, the kids are sorted, I'm running more, and working twice as much. Even started getting dinner cooked early so I can go to the boys footy practises. And why am I telling you all this? No idea. Sometimes this page is just for me to spill some thoughts that I can look back on in later times and remember the path I've taken and what happened along the way. I'm happy again, which has been a long time coming. I feel settled and content in myself. My children are happy at a good school, and I have sufficient work to keep us all fed and clothed. I'm running with 4 different people, who keep me motivated and upbeat. Strength training has been added to routine for great results. My family is close by, and I'm running with my wonderful little brother again. Life is Good. Selah.