Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was out last night at a friends birthday celebration. As tradition would dictate in this part of the world, it was spent at the local 'club' with copious of food and alcohol, and lots of sitting around chatting.

There is nothing wrong with eating, drinking and enjoying each others company. In fact it's what keeps us going.. friends, family and good times.

I enjoyed myself, but chose not to overindulge. People worry when you don't keep on drinking or eating, but stop after a small amount. "What's wrong, are you unwell?" "Aren't you having a good time?" Not at all, I just have other goals in mind.

We were driven home by the 'free booze bus'. It was only a short trip, I've run much further at night, on many occasions.

I looked outside at the stars, and marvelled at how beautiful they were. The bushland was still and peaceful looking, compared to the noisy chatter inside the bus. The night sky was inviting.

I found myself wishing I was outside running along a trail, not couped up in a bus. I realised that every time I see the stars, the bush, a trail, it speaks to me of adventure and challenge. Excitement about where I was going to run next week was already building up inside me.

No matter my ability or place in life, this is the thing that sparks passion inside me. To be out in nature, experiencing everything it has to offer. With like minded people, pushing ourselves to the limit.

This is living.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Days...

Today I went out for a 20k run. I didn't get very far. After about 3k I was tired.

In fact so tired, it felt like I was in a constant uphill battle. Sadly it mostly a flat course.

I tried to take my mind off the sluggishness by wondering exactly how I'd describe how I felt. 'Running through custard' came to mind. The thought amused me for a while, about 2 minutes actually, then it was just hard again.

I managed to push through about 10k before falling back through my front door.

An old song popped into my head while I was out there, so I changed the lyrics a bit...

"Some days are diamonds, some days are like running through custard"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barefoot Trails

13km today. 10k on trails, dirt, rocks, gravel and sticks.

Then I did 3k on the roads to see how I felt.

My feet hurt a bit.

It was both stupid and fun.

I might do that again soon :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

THIS is why I run

"My feet felt light and skimmed over the ground. The earth moved under me.

Different surfaces, different sensations. Long dew filled grass, harshgravel, smooth footpath, dry grass, hot road.

Like a book of braille,reading the earth's stories. Feeling its joy, feeling its pain.

Back home my feet are black from the journey.

Dirty happy black feet.

I feel connected with the ground underneath me."

Tim Turner 2009
A barefoot runner