Friday, December 4, 2009

Conquering Mountains

Sometimes, school is less important than life. Less important than family, adventure and the great outdoors. Certainly less important than a mountain, or climbing that mountain.... especially when it's Victorias highest peak.... Mt Bogong.

So the kids had a day off and we climbed Mt Bogong. Now if I had been a sensible parent, I would have researched all the routes up said mountain, and chosen the easiest, shortest one. Ahhhh hindsight is a marvellous thing.

We went up the Staircase Spur (certainly the hardest way up) from the carpark. 10K up, and then 10k down. Eric is only just 9, Trent is 10 and the girls are a little older ;) What great kids I have that they were totally up for this adventure, physically and mentally.

We started out about 9am, packs sorted, jackets, food, water and assorted first aid bits and pieces.
The trip itself was uneventful in terms of problems. We enjoyed each others company, checked out the scenery, ate, sat, climbed and had fun for about 8km.

Then we were stuffed. Tired, sore and getting chilly. We could see the top, but it never came! At one stage we had stopped and sitting at the memorial to fallen climbers. I suggested this could be our 'top' and we could leave. But our conversation turned to the fact that we would not be able to talk about climbing Victoria's highest peak. We would have to lie, or say that we gave up.

Neither of those were an option, so we pushed on to the top. Straight up, ignoring the trail, we got to the cairn! The boys promptly climbed to the top of the rock pile, full of energy again. They collected more rocks to add to the huge monument. We ate again (must carry more food next time...) and then began our descent. Eric did ask if I could just get the car and pick them up, as he was tired. To his credit he didnt get upset when I told him he had to go all the way down now.

After about 7.5 hours we reached our car, a little tired, still great friends and totally in love with life. I will treasure this memory forever. To be able to do something that I love, with my kids, in our great country, extraordinary.

I love you guys xxx And yes, you do have to go to school tomorrow.

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Ewa said...

I love conquering mountains. It is so cool you get kids to do it with you. So few kids get outdoors these days. I bet they will be taking their kids to the mountains too.