Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kokoda.... the Ultimate

Well its been a long while since I blogged.

My motivation has been at an all time low.

After The North Face 100 in May, I stopped running. Totally. I stepped out for a 5k run at the Canberra Bush Capital, and walked City 2 Surf in August (my 8th in a row) with a friend.

I began working again, at first just a couple of days a week, but it has quickly become a 5-6day a week job and I am working physcially hard, which has been good for my body and soul.

I have begun running again this week. Although only 3 times... 5k, 4.5k and 5k... it felt so good!

My goals for 2011 have already been set and after a long bout of sitting, I'm off again.

Next year I would like to break 20hours at TNF to finally get a buckle and the big goal...

The Kokoda Track Race in August. In Papua New Guinea, the place of my childhood. A long held dream of mine to complete this mammoth track. The race has not been run for a few years now, due to problems with logistics etc. But next year, its back!

96k, mud, heat, 6000m of elevation gain, mud, dozens of raging rivers to cross, mud, 39 hours to finish, climbing hand over hand up huge hills... did I mention mud??

I can't wait! My 2 younger brothers are coming with me to run the race, and my parents are going to walk it, starting about 5 days before us to meet us at the end. From Owers Corner to Popondetta, across the Owen Stanley Range, this race is not your standard ultra, so I'm pretty excited.

I spent the first 12 years of my life in PNG, and I have never yet returned. I still speak the local lingo and can't wait to get back there and take in the sights, sounds and smells of my childhood.

Everyone I talk to tells me it's ridiculous to even try. I don't do well running in heat (but I do ok walking strongly), I'm slow (but I'm consistent and persistent), and only a couple of other non PNG national women have ever tried it, one of them taking abouy 55hours to finish (well I intend to make it 3, and maybe the quickest to date)

For me I see it as a coming together of my worlds... my childhood, my family, and my love of running trails.