Friday, March 26, 2010

Missing in Action

Or should that be:

Missing: due to inaction.

It's been a long hard 6 months. I haven't blogged anything about running, as I failed in my attempt at the GOW 100. When I don't finish, my enthusiasm goes downhill fast. I am an overthinker, in every part of my life, and very harsh on myself when it doesn't go to plan.

GOW100 was fantastic in so many ways, and in the next few days, I'll write up a proper post for it. I did nothing after that, and I mean NOTHING for about 6 weeks. My hips were sore, so I set about finding out why. One good physio later... and a revelation about my horrendous lack of core strength, coupled with hyperflexibility, I'm well on the way to sorting that issue out for good.

November saw the weekend of the 4 peaks race. There is no way I could miss that.... too special. So I took my 2 girls and we walked to the top of Feathertop and back down on day 2 (about 20k). Huge effort on their part... I was so proud. Then on day 4 the whole family did Mt Buffalo. My little guy Eric was amazing. I promised him that if he did the climb in under 3 hours, I'd take him on the 6 Foot Track in January. He made it :)

I did one other race in December... the Razorback. It was a week before we moved out, and I just wanted to go to get away from all the stress of packing and sorting things out.

On no training, it was foolish, so I opted for the 22k Razorback ridge route. It helped that no one else was doing it (all doing longer routes), so I could hide from the fitness of others, as well as claiming a victory and first across the line :) Frankly, it hurt. I carried supplies in for the longer course runners, to help out. 3kg of oranges, 6lt of water and 3kg of lollies... only 1km, but it was a very long kilometre! Having enjoyed my last run in the Victorian Alps it was off to Queensland for a month before moving to Canberra.

Canberra is wonderful! Running all the time, enjoying the company of other runners, and the kids are so happy here.