Friday, January 15, 2010

Hares and Hounds 2010

On holidays in Brisbane with my family, as we do every Christmas, and I've been coerced into a race. I'm not fit, or even moderately in a good frame of mind regarding running, but surely I can just do about 10k of a relay race?? Yeah why not?

I love the concept of this race. In the wee hours, a group of runners (Hares) take off as fast as they can go. They are running 50k through the trails of the Glasshouse Mountains, and a couple of hours later, the Hounds take off in pursuit. Either as solo runners, or in teams of 2 or 4, they attempt to chase down and catch the tiring hares.

I joined the Bayside Runners and Walkers, who were entering 2 teams. Scott and I join 2 other virgin trail runners to make a team. These 2 guys are seriously fast runners. Damn, I'm the weakest link again! Scott decides in his wisdom to send me off first at 5.00am to avoid me being in the QLD sun at midday (which would kill me). It's dark and cool and a whole group of us head off into the trails.

I love this place. The sounds, the smells, the sun rising, the excited chatter of runners. Within a short time (about 3km) I'm alone at the back. Comfortable with the navigation, I plod along slowly, glad to be out and about. I feel bad about putting my team at the back right from the start, but without me they don't have a team :)

I run up the hill to meet them at the first change over point, and Scott takes off into the bush, running like a man possessed, shirtless and in funny shoes. I love my brother!

We all drive to the next change over point, and swap runners again. At the last change over point, we have made up a fair amount of ground on other teams, passing some, and matching others. Thanks boys.... good effort! Our team comes in at 5th overall, not a bad result.

Finishing at the pool, a nice BBQ, chat and general relaxing time ensue, during which Scott and I are interviewed by a local writer who is fascinated with our 'shoes'. Sometimes it's nice to be different, other times I just want to hang out and not have to explain to everyone why I chose to run in slippers.

Next year, I'd like to do this again, but I'd like to do it well, trained, and actually ready to race.