Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Canberra Marathon 2009 Australian Masters Championship

I have just noticed that I never added anything to my blog about the Canberra 09 Marathon.

I must be insane! Perhaps this is already well documented... so maybe I was just forgetful.

The marathon itself was nothing to write home about really, but the after party was :)

I drove to Canberra on Saturday morning, with my girls, who were going to join the CoolRunning Cheer Squad the next day. We lunched with friends, and stayed in a cute little backpackers room near the start line. The expo was fun, and I copped a bit of ribbing for my unusal 'Personal Drinks' which are allowed in this race. I've been using coconut water as my sports drink, and the only way I can buy it is in 300ml tetra packs. So for each drink, I had a small plastic bag of lollies to go with it. A bit of sticky tape... and voila! Instant refreshment by me .... they looked ridiculous if I do say so myself.

Up early and off to the start, feeling relaxed but nervous (how do I manage those 2 things at once?) Lined up and off we went. The weather was kinder this year, and the km rolled by, volunteers wonderful as usual, other runners working hard, my girls cheering their lungs out.... a normal days running.

The end was as typical. Me, a couple of hardy spectators, and a finish line. This year I even got a medal, which was nice.

I showered and went along to the after party and prize giving. All the first/second and third prizes had been done at the race, this was for the extra categories. Such as the Masters runners. I found out last year that this marathon was the Australian Masters Championship. Like as in.... AUSTRALIAN championships!

So I entered, in the 35-39 Female Age Group. I ran for Masters Victoria, and much to my extreme delight I was third! The stunned silence from my friends when they announced my name (and thankfully NOT my finishing time) was priceless.

I know that this medal came to me because 3 people were entered in this age group BUT...

I bothered to enter, I trained, I ran, I finished, and I placed 3rd.

The medal still makes me smile. Not too many people I know have Australian Championship Athletics medals. I was not voted 'most likely to succeed at sport' in school. In fact, I was probably voted 'most likely to never even know what sport IS'!

Anything is possible my friends, with a bit of research, a bit of work, and sometimes being in the right place at the right time.