Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a long few weeks....

We are now officially Victorian dwellers.

After a mad scramble to pack up the house and finish off my work contract after GNW, the trucks arrived in late November to take our belongings south.

It was very sad to leave a place I've grown to love, and the people I've come to call my friends. I know that there are new friends to be made, but it doesn't make the leaving easier.

Arriving in Wodonga to the largest house I've ever lived in (almost too big in fact) I was struck by the landscape. Dry and hilly, very very hilly. A short drive south and you can be climbing the countries tallest mountains. Our street is situated at the base of a hill, so good running training there. Just 2km away is another much larger hill, so I will not be short of places to explore.

Getting things set up took time, hence my slackness in posting/blogging for so long.

I went for a run soon after arriving, only to find I was on the verge of a chest infection, and the run tipped me over. 10 days of drugs later, I tentatively did a couple of short runs.

We are off to Queensland for Christmas for almost a month shortly, so I hope I'm able to get back into some sort of ryhthm with running again while there.