Monday, October 27, 2008

Less than 2 weeks to GNW

Well it's now starting to get scary! 100km run coming up all too soon.

Less than 2 weeks to go and today was sooo hot. I decided to see how my body would stand up to a couple of hours in the midday sun, running.

If I'd known it was 34 degrees I might have thought differently. But I didn't :) I ran for 2 hours and felt good most of the way. I didn't overheat too badly, but by the end of it the soles of my feet were quite tender.

Running on warm bitumen is one thing, but by the end of today's trip my feet were very very sore. I must have looked like a right idiot out there. No permanent damage done, and they'll just be a bit tougher when the chips are down next month.

I've managed to sort out some shoes for the Great North 100 as well. Five fingers KSO's with injinji's will be the plan. I feel like a bit of a fraud wearing shoes and socks and calling myself a barefoot runner, but hey, it's the only way to get to the end. I'll have to live with the shame ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I haven't had much to say here, due to a busy work/home life that has prevented me from doing a lot.

We were always due to move at the end of this year, with Marty already away since January of this year. The plan was to go to Wodonga, but the army decided at the last minute that it might be Canberra. They then changed this about 10 times in 2 weeks, making for a very stressful time for us all.

Finally they settled on Wodonga in Victoria, but well have to move again in 12 months to Canberra!! My time has been spent sorting out the 4 kids to move schools and finding a house. House - tick. Schools - tick. Netball club - tick. Footy club - tick. Tennis - tick.

And the important things...... I found a great Athletics club (who we've already had a run with) and have started looking at trail runs in the Victorian Alpine area. I will need to work very very hard to get fit enough, but I'll have nothing else to do :)

A friend very kindly gave me their racing bike (it's done 7 ironmans) and I'm learning to ride it. Turns out its harder than it looks. And shoes are definately the go!! With a large indoor pool at my disposal and lots of time on my hands, I might end up doing a small tri next year, though nothing will ever be as good as trail running.

On the running front, I did the 9k Bridge Run with my girls in September, which was a wonderful day, albeit a little warm. We then cheered on the marathoners, from the first runner to the very last. It was very emotional to see people of all ages/shapes and abilities struggling or cruising to the line. I'm glad to have seen it from the other side of the tape.

I ran today as well in the SMC half marathon. I found it tough going, trying out the new KSO's. They rubbed my feet badly, and within 2km, I had several areas of no skin. Injinjis are the go with these I think.

I ended up barefoot, which is not great on this course, with so much broken glass and large rocks. Trying to be safe and run in the gutter, I managed to kick my big toe and split the toenail. OWWW. This resulted in a limping walk home for me. Not quite a personal worst time for 21k, but very close!

Next big run in the Great North 100k in 3 weeks. It's going to be interesting......