Friday, August 15, 2008

Wisdom of the Learned

run, run, run. Get you miles up bit by bit. Do as much as you can without injury.

Some ultra runners can live of 45km a week others like 200km+.

I like the idea of an apprenticeship and you start with a nice easy race like the 6 foot and then move to a 60km and then a 100km and then the 100 mile.

Just going for the GNW or even worse the C2K as your first ultra takes a special breed of madman.

The beauty of running and ultra running is it takes time to learn what works for you.

There is no book on what works for you you just get out there and try it.

Some days it all works and other days you are sitting in blue vomit.

Some days you are in love with the world and other days crow's steal your food.

I love that we can part of something so great with nothing more then the desire to be there.

But the first step is getting out the door everyday and running mile after mile.

And being a little crazy does not hurt.

(Tim Turner 2008)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sixth City to Surf

Although I really only count myself as a new runner (about 18months) I have turned up for this event 6 years in a row now.

I love it! 70,000 people all lined up on the city streets, ready to do the 14km dash to Bondi Beach. As a run, it's hard to find your rythm, you have to constantly dodge people, and you don't get a finish line photo of yourself... there's usually at least 20 people in the shot. But the atmosphere is spectacular, and the views of the streets packed with runners as you wind your way east is nothing short of amazing!

The characters make up this event. People dress up in all kinds of weird costumes, and bands come out on to the streets to entertain the crowds. There are no quiet boring bits to this race. Spectators line the course, having parties and bbq's out on the balconies of apartments or front lawns. Little kids all waiting for you to give them a 'high five' as you run past.

I started in the second group start with my daughter and good friend Jo. This meant we had a 5 minute wait after the first gun sounded sending the elite runners off, before we set out. I went out at a pace I knew was too fast for me (under 6min/km) but managed to hold this for the first few km. I had NO hope of keeping up with my daughter.... she sped off and I never saw her again until after the finish!

The hills came and went and I enjoyed not having to drag myself up them. All the long distance trail running has paid off. I had a bit of trouble about 10-11k, as the bitumen is very rough and rutted and my feet started to hurt a fair bit. But, it is my choice to run without shoes, so 'suck it up and run' I say.

Coming down the last hill and around the corner into Bondi was fantastic. Usually I am spent by this point, so to up the pace a little and cruise home in about 93 minutes was very exciting for me. I had never thought I would break 100minutes for this race, or do it without extreme pain. I now think that I could probably go closer to 80 minutes.... bring on next year!

"I'm with stupid"