Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Otford 2 Bundeena 07

It has already occurred to me from the title of my post, that I think I might be running trails for a few years. I am still on a high, though I'm sore and have now got a killer dose of the flu.

The morning started at 5, when I was picked up by a good friend and often running buddy, Maurice. We drove to Sutherland station and caught the train down to Otford with some like-minded crazy folk.

The walk out from the station to the start line scared me! I was puffing up the hill wondering if I had made a serious mistake. (Funny, but it wouldn't be the first time).

The start area was crowded! Apparently over 90 people started, huge for a Fat Ass run. The first few km were slow walking mostly on uphill trails, as the faster runners made their way through. I get so excited at the start of a trail run, the smell of the bush air, and the dirt tracks reminds me of being a kid.

Plodded along happily for most of the run, the vibram sprints working like a charm, until I kicked a rock with my big toe. That hurt... be more careful. About 5 minutes later, same toe, different rock. OWWWW PLEASE be more careful. Apart from my laziness in not lifting my feet, I really loved the whole run in the vibrams. The run included dirt, rocks, grass flats, gravel, metal grating, sand, surf and road surfaces; all of which were fantastic. I ran through the water and surf at every chance, keeping my feet cool the whole time.

There were some steep uphill climbs and lovely downhill stretches, and I realised by the end that I am getting fitter. I still have a long way to go, but I think I might be able to do a whole lot more longer bush runs now that I have the shoe thing worked out.

Came across a couple of snakes out there today, it's been a while since I've seen such a huge black snake, but it sure made me run faster for a couple of km, with a massive adrenaline surge! I managed to step on a small green snake too (sorry) sunning itself on the path. I think my 'shoes' are so soft that I don't make the usual amount of noise to frighten them off the path... not sure but it sounds ok for now.

The end was wonderful, a nice cheer from all those finished and a chat with some friends, while waiting for the ferry to take us home.

I've learned some things today. Firstly I can go for a long run without needing to eat. I had a couple of lollies (3 snakes) over a 4.5 hour run and felt great. I wasn't hungry at the end and I got the fluids right too. Maybe, just maybe I can do some 100k runs next year ....