Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fitzroy Falls Oct 07

What a great day. I know I say that every time, but I love being able to get out and run for a few hours. Another marathon post about a marathon, so be warned......

Got a lift to the start line with a guy from Westies who has run over 80 marathons/ultras and heard some amazing stories on the trip down at 5am. We managed to get a 7am start (well Vic did, and helped me out there as well).

Decided on using the Nike Frees for today, as the Vibrams rub my heel badly after about 10-15k. About 10 or so started at 7am, and it was very very cool! In fact I had earache for the first few km due to the cold breeze. The start had me full of confidence for a 5.30 finish and an automatic qualifier for Six Foot 2008.

This kept up for about the first 15km when my back started to hurt a lot. I was concerned about hydration as I'd not felt that type of pain before. Then my hips began to hurt, as did my knees. This was more familiar territory now....Vic then summed it up "Are you sure it's not those shoes? You're not used to running in them". Bugger!! My whole 'line' was thrown out but on the trail I couldn't have run without something on my feet. I took them off for a couple of km, which eased up the back pain for a while, but then they had to go back on

At about 35k I felt that the 5.30 time was going to be a bit of problem, but Vic remained confident. He had run with me the whole way, and pushed me along patiently. I owe him a lot, as he gave up his chance at a good race time to stay with me. Walked the uphills and ran/shuffled the downs and flats. The 5.30 time went past at about 41km, and I admit to crying just a little. So close and yet so far.

I decided then that I might as well go as hard as I could, and get as close as possible to the magic mark. 5.37 it was. Disappointed but at the same time elated. Without Vic I wouldn't have done that well and it is only my second marathon.

Next task is to find SOMETHING I can run trails in Today my muscles feel good but my joints are shot. Haven't had that type of pain since before I took my shoes off about 12 months ago. I wondered why Trailwalker was ok in the Frees, but I think that was because it was mainly walking, not running. Still I know that all will be fine again in 48 hours or so.

So many CR's out on the trail and at the finish line, it was great to catch up with them and meet some new people. Hey PrinceOpera/???.... WELL DONE!! I knew you could do it. Now to train for Six Foot.

So cool to finally meet you Tim. Nice medal for the 5year club too. See you next month at some other crazy run!!

My strange coincidence for the day... 2nd marathon... second time handed Bib # 62! My last thought for this day. It occured to me as I staggered across the finish line.... where are the Falls????