Sunday, June 3, 2007

New to Blogging

Well here goes.... I've read lots of blogs and I'm inspired! Both in terms of everyones stories and also to track my own progress via this medium. I'm starting this a bit late, as my first marathon rolls around in about 2.5 weeks!!

I plan to run the Cities M7 and finish without crawling. This has been a huge feat for me, as the last few years have seen me not be able to compete in more than a half marathon a year due to constant injury. Running in pain is demoralising (no secret there) but this year has been amazing!!

I joined 2 clubs, Western District Joggers and Harriers and Bankstown Sports and have had nothing but encouragement from all involved at these places. Last year, when thinking about a marathon, I decided to do some reading about the injuries I had and how to deal with them. This lead to me to some research on barefoot running. Nothing else was working (motion control shoes, orthotics and taping constantly by the physio) so I kicked my shoes off and gave it a shot.

More research and hours of testing, with the result being a total change in my running style and no pain! The feeling of running without anything between my feet and ground is great, so I choose now, wherever possible to run without shoes.

I have run 85% of my training km's for the marathon completely barefoot, though a few runs have been in the newly acquired Vibram Fivefingers. Awesome footwear for the trails or these cold mornings.

So far this year I've completed the SMC Series 5km, SMH Half, Woodford to Glenbrook, NSW Cross Country and Road race series as a member of Bankstown club, and the 3.4km handicap series at WDJH. Also did my very first Fat Ass run in Heathcote (I wore shoes for that one)I wasn't sure I'd get this far and feel this good, so although it's not the true beginning, it seemed like a good time to start this record of what I do.

Forgive my long winded first attempt here, but it's been good to put these thoughts in black and white. I feel a bit more like a real runner now .